How to Replace Fluorescent Light Fixture in Kitchen

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If you are going to update your old kitchen lighting, there are many ideas to get a great appearance and make your kitchen function well. One of the common ideas to update the kitchen rooms is to replace the old fluorescent light fixtures with modern recessed lights. Recessed lighting is a better option for lighting kitchens in modern homes. The recessed lights blend with the kitchen ceiling giving a clean look and effectively distribute the light in the kitchen entire area when used for ambient lighting. Below we'll show you how to replace fluorescent light fixtures in the kitchen room in few simple steps.

replace fluorescent light kitchen

Fluorescent lights are the most common option for kitchen lighting for about 25 years, as they represent the most energy efficient options available at that time and also produce a lower amount of heat compared to the traditional lights. Recessed lights became available in many sizes, styles, and allowed several bulb types (traditional, halogen, compact fluorescent light, and LED bulbs) that can be used with recessed lighting fixtures.

To replace old fluorescent light fixture in kitchen, you have to detect your kitchen ceiling type.

The flat type ceiling is the easiest case; usually, there is one fluorescent light fixture in the center or more fixtures mounted to the kitchen ceiling. All you have to do is to remove the old fluorescent fixture or fixtures and make your ceiling ready to install recessed lights.

Kitchen Soffit Lighting

Many old homes have a soffit in the kitchen ceiling which is usually used to accommodate fluorescent light fixtures and is covered by plastic panels.

Kitchen Soffit Fluorescent Light Fixture Update

The first option is to keep the soffit open; you can resurface the soffit with drywall and install recessed lights inside it. Depending on the size of the soffit to the total area of the kitchen you may need to add recessed lights around the perimeter of the kitchen soffit to eliminate dark areas near your task spaces.

covered kitchen soffit lighting

The kitchen soffit is built to be hidden by plastic panels, so it may be preferred to add a type of modeling inside it to get the finish that fits your kitchen.

open kitchen soffit lighting

The second option to replace the old fluorescent light fixture in kitchen soffit is to be framing the soffit opening and cover it with drywall. That makes your kitchen ceiling looks like the kitchen in newly built homes. When the soffit opening is covered you have to paint the ceiling, now be ready to layout the recessed lighting as new modern kitchen lighting. There are a few steps you have to follow to determine how many recessed lights the kitchen needs, considering both general and task lighting layers. Check the next links to know how to do that.

LED Soffit Lighting

Using LED lights to illuminate the kitchen is the ideal option today. Besides they become the most efficient light source, they also provide a cool-to-touch light option which is recommended for rooms such as kitchens where many tasks take place, and the light source is usually close. Also, with LED lighting you can get the lowest profile light fixtures such as the LED strip lights. For general lighting and soffit lighting, try to use LED lights with a wide beam angle to spread light as much possible.

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