Tray Ceiling Lighting, Design Ideas

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Tray ceilings are an architectural feature that is designed to create a visual interest to the room ceiling by the look of the different levels and is a perfect idea to get out the traditional flat ceiling look. The tray ceiling also can be recessed ceiling or inverted ceiling. The recessed ceiling makes you feel the ceiling is higher, however the inverted tray ceiling, the additional level is droopy down. Tray ceiling lighting (specially recessed ceiling lighting) is an important tool to allow them to vitrine their unique design and to stand out. There are no tray ceiling standards for every room, but there are patterns and ideas you can choose what fits your style, or you can design your tray ceiling to emphasize various levels of your ceiling. Here we’ll preview tray ceiling lighting and design ideas to help you get the best interior design.

Both recessed ceilings and inverted ceiling designs use crown molding to create both the depth and height. A home builder making a custom home can use various faces and finishes, and there’re many things you have to consider to design a suitable tray ceiling or recessed ceiling.

What to consider in tray ceiling design?

In designing the tray ceiling, you have the option to follow the shape of the room or create a different shape. Lighting is a common element in tray ceiling design; it can give a room a unique, inimitable and individual character. First, you have to decide on the tray ceiling type; recessed ceiling type is usually used to add visual interest by emphasizing the room aspects, and the inverted tray ceiling is usually used to call attention to an object such as pot racks or range hoods.

Tray ceiling design varies depending on:
  • The room purpose.
  • The available space (room area).
  • The lighting in the space.
  • The surrounding walls.
  • The overall theme of the house.
  • Check out Recessed ceiling lighting layout.

Tray Ceiling Lighting Ideas

There are many ideas for recessed ceiling lighting, here're some of them; you may be interested in an of them.

tray ceiling lighting

recessed ceiling lighting

tray ceiling lighting ideas

Recessed lights are highly recommended option to frame a tray ceiling and also can be used to highlight the ceiling architectural design. Recessed lights should be combined with other lighting types when used as accent lighting that helps you to get a complete look.

tray ceiling design ideas

You can create a focal point at the center of the tray ceiling by placing a beautiful chandelier, pendant light or ceiling fan also, the higher center of the tray ceiling can paint by many ways to draw attention to the room ceiling; that will be discussed later.

Cove lighting is a perfect solution for tray ceiling lighting in rooms needs soft lighting such as the bedrooms; the cove lighting is an indirect lighting built into the recesses of the tray ceiling and gives a dramatic atmosphere, besides highlighting the ceiling. Many light options can be used for cove lighting such as strip lights, rope lights, or T8 LED tubes.

For lower ceilings, sconces can be used to reflect the light onto the ceiling and create dramatic visual effects and also you can use recessed ceiling lighting options.

Recessed Ceiling Lighting and Paint Ideas

Painting a recessed ceiling is another key to draw attention to the room ceiling and is a good idea to make the tray ceiling blend with the room style. Here are some of the tray ceiling painting ideas.
  • Paint the tray ceiling with a different color than the room walls color.
  • Paint the tray ceiling the same color as the room walls color.
  • Paint the tray ceiling walls the same color as the room walls color.
  • Paint the tray ceiling a deeper version of the room walls color.
  • Accentuate the inner shape of the tray ceiling.
  • Decorate the tray ceiling with wallpaper.

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