Hallway Recessed Lighting Layout

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Recessed lighting should be considered one of your best options to illuminate your hallway. Hallway lighting usually aims to light up a narrow space “the corridor from one room to another room, ” and recessed lights are efficient to do the job. Hallway recessed lighting layout should be planned properly to ensure safe pathway without tripping or fall. Here’s the right formula to space recessed lights in the hallway with some tips and recommendations.

Hallway Recessed Lighting Layout

Hallway Recessed Lighting Spacing Formula

The simple formula for hallway recessed lighting spacing is to place the recessed light fixtures apart by distance starts from 6 feet to 8 feet along the hallway ceiling center. In fact, a recessed light fixture placed at 8-foot ceiling can illuminate 8-foot area of floor space “i.e. illuminated floor area is equal to the ceiling height”. So, spacing the fixtures by 6 feet allow the direct light beams to intersect and fill the hallway, but if you use a narrow beam angle recessed light fixtures like most of the LED recessed lights the illuminated floor area will be relatively small.

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Hallway Recessed Lighting Layout Considerations

  • For brighter hallway use large diameter recessed light fixtures.
  • Incandescent and CFL lights have wider light beam angles than LED lights.
  • The baffle “is a light fixture component that surrounds the light bulb “ color can increase or decrease the amount of reflected light so, you can choose recessed lights white baffle to push more light into the hallway.

Hallway Accent Lighting Placement
Recessed lights also can be used to highlight a picture or artwork in the hallway. You can use single or multiple adjustable recessed lights. To highlight an artwork follow the steps listed below:
  • Measure the distance from the ceiling to the artwork.
  • Evaluate D= 60% of the measured distance.
  • Place the recessed light in the ceiling at distance “D” from the wall and direct the fixture to highlight the artwork.
  • If you use more than one recessed fixture distribute them evenly.

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