LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet

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We are going to talk about LED strip lights under cabinet as one of the most featured LED under cabinet lighting practical solutions. LED strip lights under cabinet, are chains of LED lights which often come on a roll. They also called LED tape lights and can be used in many different residential and commercial spaces, providing a beautiful looking and are very practical and functional. They can be powered by either a battery or mains supply.

LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet ideas

They are different LED type than LED rope, they are more flexible and thinner, and produce high-intensity light. So you can depend on them for task lighting when more brightness is required. They are perfect as LED under cabinet lighting rather than being an endless source of interior design ideas due to their versatility and numerous advantages.

They are flexible so that they can be installed on several surface materials such as wood, plastic, metal. They are perfect for task lighting and can be a replacement for fluorescent tubes and traditional and less efficient light sources.

LED strip lights represent a safer option since; they operate at low voltage, which reduces the shock hazard risk during the installation and operation. Also, they generate a very low heat, which prevents overheating risk. LED strip lights are available in waterproof (silicone covered) versions, that protect them from water and humidity.

LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet Advantages

LED Strip Lights have so many benefits like:
  • They are low power consumption, durable, long lifetime, versatile.
  • Present a very low-profile solution, provide cool light with extremely low heat generation.
  • Almost maintenance free, the ability to cut to specific length and also link together with one power source at one end by placing more than one line next to each other.
  • Are available in a wide range of color temperature like white, warm white and RGB colors also. Besides all that, they are dimmable so, you get more control and save more power.
With LED Strip lights you can Save space and save money that makes them a perfect choice for lighting your kitchen, bathroom, and many different areas.

LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet Types

LED strip lights come in two main types:

LED bar lights: also known as Rigid LED Strips and are available in several packaging and backside materials such as aluminum backside or printed board finished models. And also available in waterproof protection versions, which is required for kitchens and wet areas.

Flexible LED strip lights: they consist of low profile surface mounted LEDs, and are attached to a flexible conductive strip. Also are available in waterproof protection versions.
Both of the two types are available with adhesive tape which provides a simple installation.

LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet Power Supply

The power supply is an essential part of the LED lighting system, so you have to choose it carefully. To know how many LED strip under cabinet you need? And get the right rated power supply capacity you can check this link How to choose LED strip lights Under Cabinet and power supply.

For the installation, you can check How to Install LEDStrip Under Cabinet Lighting

Choosing Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights

LED under cabinet lighting perform two primary functions task lighting and ambiance lighting, LED strip lights helping you achieve that more practically for the kitchen. When designing LED under cabinet lighting system, you are going to need to choose between three basic styles of light fixtures. The first is a LED puck light which has a circular shape and is used as more as a spotlight. The second is the LED light bars, which are linear and range from 3 to 5 inches wide.

How to choose Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights

The last option is the LED strip lights, which are a narrower version of a light bar. Here we are going to talk about choosing LED strip under cabinet lighting, LED strip lights are very versatile and can usually be cut to the needed length, making the installation more flexible. With LED strip under cabinet lighting, you won’t have to be worried about lights burning out either, as LED light fixtures are rated as long life span.

Most of all installation of this type is simple once we decide on a light. The first determination we need to make with ease is this going to be accent lighting or task lighting. For the accent lighting purpose we would go with the standard density LED strips type because its output Lumen is not high, if we need task lighting, you should go for the high-density strips lights, which substantially brighter output than standard ones.

Before buying your light, you have to know how much output light you get from LED strip lights? You should first look at the specifications of the LED strip light.

How Many LED Strip Lights Under Cabinet You Need

Not all LED strip lights are as bright, select one that can deliver the amount of light you need

To make it simple if you use a 60-watt traditional bulb under your cabinet it will give approximately 750 lumens, 100-watt bulb provides about 1700 lumen.

For example, let’s say a LED strip rated at 312 Lumen/foot @ 4.4 watts/foot which is quite a bit of light. The 312 lumens represent the output light intensity, and 4.4 watts represent the consumed power required. So, 2.5 feet of LED strips of this type will be equivalent to the 60 W bulb and consume only 8.8 W. That is how to calculate the required power, but you should remember you will never run a power supply at 100% of its rate. It is preferred to multiply the estimated required power by 1.25, the generated number of watts give us a cornerstone to work from, always accept to get larger rated power supply, and never go below that calculated number. By following these steps, the chosen power supply will give us the appropriate amount of power.

LED strip under cabinet lighting come in many styles and finishes, for kitchens, the silicon coated ones are recommended because it can repeal water and humidity with no corrosive effects.

Finally, let's not forget about color! Choosing the right color temperature that fits your need and makes you comfortable is critical. LED lights have a variety of color temperatures unlike traditional lights, which makes LED under cabinet lighting more attractive.

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