LED Under Cabinet Lighting Direct Wire

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We are going to talk about LED under cabinet lighting direct wire “this method also known as hardwired LED under cabinet lighting” and why we should consider this type of wiring in our kitchens.

Hardwired LED under Cabinet Lighting

Hardwired LED under cabinet lighting is a type of wiring that ensure all wires is tightly wired into the cabinet walls or on the wall itself and doesn’t let any wire to be free or hang freely from the outlet
The LED lights are perfect to be battery powered because they consume a very low power and provide a high efficiency light solution. The wireless LED under cabinet lighting have a limited battery life, so you have to exchange the batteries every period according to your usage time.

LED under cabinet lighting direct wire unlike wireless LED under cabinet lighting, this type of wiring provides longer last power with the aid of the reliable lighting connection with the power source than using battery operated wireless lights. With hardwired LED under cabinet lighting and either low voltage or regular voltage stable power source, you will have continues bright lights without being worried about the battery life and you won't ever have to wonder why the LED lights aren't coming up.

Advantages of LED under Cabinet Lighting Direct Wire

  • One of the greatest benefits is simplicity. All the fixture components are self-contained, there are no transformers, no splitters to make you worried. Following some simple rules makes the installation of under cabinet lighting more straightforward and easy.

  • From a safety point of view, LED under cabinet lighting direct wire decrease and may eliminate wires from stuck with when you do your activities since the wires are fixed in a suitable way.

  • LED under cabinet lighting direct wire is the best choice for people who don’t accept wires to be visible. That gives more aesthetic and good appearance.

  • As wireless solutions have a significant advantage in case of losing power, it is recommended for you to consider wired solutions for more reliability.

Plug In Under Cabinet Lighting

If you don’t want to go through the LED under cabinet lighting direct wire installation, the plug in under cabinet lighting is reasonable alternative if you accept to run the wires outside your kitchen wall and make it visible.

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