How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting

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Under cabinet lighting is a smart way to provide additional lighting for kitchen countertops and can be used for other workspaces. They are perfect to solve the problem of inadequate under cabinet lighting, and represent a shadow free illumination. One type of LED under cabinet lighting is LED strip lights, they are a low profile light source, so they are best suited for under counter lighting. And let you use the whole space comfortably. LED strip under cabinet lighting is high energy efficient, and comes in a long, thin rolls or bars that can be plugged into each other rather than can be cut to lengths to fit your need. They can be installed simply and removed quickly, leaving your cabinet as well as it.
Turn off all power before starting any electrical work. The wrong electrical connection can create a short and may cause the light source to fail
In the following section, we will briefly discuss how to install under cabinet lighting with simple, and easy to follow steps.

How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting - LED Strip

  1. To install LED strip under cabinet lighting you should first decide where to place your lights. The light design depends on how your cabinets are built, so you have to choose a layout that suits your cabinet design. In a case of you have a gap between cabinets, you can install strip lights on your cabinet sides to get additional illumination in the area between them.

  2. Make your measurements for the under cabinet area you want to light, including any gap or breaks in your area if you are planning to light them too.

  3. You can check how to calculate how many LED strip under cabinet lighting you need?

  4. Once you have determined how many strip lights you will need, the next step is to mark the locations where the LED strip lights will be placed. Then identify where the electrical wiring should run through and be located. You will need to drill some holes in your cabinet to run the wires.

  5. Choosing the right electrical outlet, if you have multiple outlets, you will use the outlet farthest to the left or right of the kitchen cabinets.

  6. Test your system before beginning the installation, connect your strip and any strip extenders together as you planned, connect the switch to the last strip. Check out that the system is working properly, then unplug it. As always you should check with your specifications sheet or installation guide to be sure that you configured your system correctly.

  7. Mount the clips under the front edge of the cabinet approximately 2 to 3 inches from the front and space them 12 inches apart from each other. In some cases, the length of your strip lights guides you to the spacing between the clips.

  8. Apply your layout on the cabinets by drawing a straight line where you want to install the LED strip lights. That will guide you through installing the clips.

  9. Screw the clips into your cabinets with a screwdriver.

  10. Fit your LED strip lights into the clips. Start joining the connectors together, hide excess wiring then plug the strip plug into the wall outlet.

Test your system by turning on the light switch. As you see, LED strip under cabinet lighting installation was simple and will make the outcome transform the space.

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