Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

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Vaulted ceiling lighting may represent a challenge because it seems like your lighting options are limited. On the contrary, you have more options and solutions than you may think. Vaulted ceilings make you feel spaces are larger, and create a great look. You have to find the best lighting solutions and ideas to get the maximum benefit of this great architectural feature and make your space more inviting. The vaulted ceiling is one of the ceilings you would like to highlight and draw attention to it, here we show vaulted ceiling lighting ideas with some useful tips to get the most of your space.

vaulted ceiling lighting

Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Vaulted Ceiling Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is one of the common light options for vaulted ceiling lighting. Recessed lights are the first option you have to think about, they are versatile, adjustable, and give your lighting design a flexible and clean look. They can be evenly placed around the wall border and can also be used to light the whole ceiling so; you have to choose the right recessed lighting fixture.

For vaulted ceiling lighting it is recommended to install sloped ceiling specially designed recessed light fixture parts. You will need a sloped ceiling housing type that fits your ceiling slope angle to allow the output light to be directed down rather than directed at an angle. Also, you will need a sloped ceiling trim that works with your chosen housing. Choosing adjustable trims can enhance your lighting system and allow adjusting the angle of the output light if necessary.

If you like to highlight the vaulted ceiling you can use the recessed lighting to do that job. You can evenly place recessed lights around the vaulted ceiling perimeter, which will highlight the vaulted ceiling by shining dots and draw attention to it.

When attempting to plan lighting for any room including rooms with vaulted ceilings make sure to apply the concept of light layering and use more than one source of light. While installing recessed lighting on the sloped ceiling you can try to install pendant lights at the center of the ceiling. Check out Living room recessed lighting layout.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are another common kind of lighting used in vaulted ceiling lighting. Pendants are available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors, so you can easily find what matches your interior design. The places where pendant lights will hang on the vaulted ceiling should be chosen well. Of course, the best location to hang pendants is the center beam, and they should evenly distribute to improve the overall appearance of the ceiling. If you want to hang the pendants on the slope area you should modify the pendant lights to be hanged straight down from a sloped ceiling by using a sloped ceiling canopy.

Track Lighting

Track lighting can also be used for lighting rooms with vaulted ceilings. Adjustable tracks give you the flexibility to direct each light in the desired direction. You can easily install tracks along with the sloped ceiling that has beams under it. Track lighting allows you to install more than one light source in a single track, so it can be used for both general and accent purposes. During the installation process, you may need special sloped ceiling anchors to properly install track lights on the sloped ceiling.


Skylights are a great way to light vaulted ceiling rooms, you can install skylights and light the space with the natural sunshine during the day. Sunlight will light your room and also highlight your ceiling at the same time. But remember you will need to install other light sources to light space in the absence of the sunlight and be sure you get a high UV protecting window glass to protect your room and your furnishings from UV radiation.

There are many other ideas for vaulted ceiling lighting such as cable lighting, spotlights, and monorail lighting. The cable lighting is a good option for vaulted ceiling lighting, which almost doesn’t require anything to be suspended from the vaulted ceiling. Cable lights are available in many shapes and styles, and can be used for general and accent lighting purposes.

There are a variety of vaulted ceiling lighting ideas, you can combine between some of them; using different options of lighting is the most successful solution to light a room with a vaulted ceiling.

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