LED Recessed Lighting Layout

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We have discussed the procedures to get the perfect recessed lighting layout in the recessed lighting guide tutorial which helps you to use the right recessed lighting spacing formula and to determine the exact placement locations, you can check the tutorial in the below links

LED Recessed Light Bulbs

LED lights are now widely used in recessed lighting as a featured light source that offers many advantages and is available in almost all types and styles of bulbs. You can install LED recessed lights in your home to reduce the consumed energy by 80% or more and get many benefits that LEDs provide such as the longest lifetime, a variety of color temperatures, cooler operating temperatures.

LED  Recessed Lighting Layout

LED bulbs benefits encourage anyone to convert any existing incandescent, halogen or CFL(compact fluorescent light) recessed light to LED, or directly installing LED lights during new construction projects. If you decide to go with LED, you may ask for the LED bulb wattage that is equivalent to your incandescent, halogen, or CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb when upgrading to LED lighting.

LED Layout

The below table will help you to choose the equivalent wattage of the LED bulb when calculating how many recessed lights are required to light a room or space.
Note: all the values are represented by Watt.

Incandescent/Halogens CFL LED
40 - 60 12 - 15 5 - 8
60 - 75 15 - 18 7 - 10
75 - 100 18 - 23 10 - 15
100 - 150 23 - 35 15 - 20
150 - 200 35 - 45 20 - 25
200 - 250 45 - 60 25 - 30

This table represents general guidelines, since there are a variety of manufactures, actual specifications may differ for each specific manufacturer. It is better to check your product specifications for more accurate information.

Finally, as you see LED bulbs are the most efficient light source, but you should consider most of the LED lights focus their light output to a specific beam angle rather than 360 degrees, so, it is recommended for downlight recessed lighting.

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