Installation of Recessed Lighting

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Installation of recessed lighting seemed like a good idea. But you should estimate the space above your ceiling, that should be considered in choosing recessed lighting fixtures that can fit easily in your ceiling. After reading in this article, you will know the steps you should go through to get a right installation of recessed lighting fixtures.

Installation of Recessed Lighting

Installation of Recessed Lighting Step by Step

  • Prepare the required tools, you will need a measuring tape and a pencil to mark the cans locations, a hammer to nail the housing to the joists and other tools and equipments like stud finder, drill, drywall saw, wire connectors, screwdrivers, pliers and for your safety use a mask and goggles to protect your face from any drywall debris.

  • Before you begin the installation of recessed lighting, turn off the power to your work area using the circuit breaker.

  • Use the stud finder to locate the ceiling joists. And once you locate them use the template that comes with your fixture to trace the shape onto the ceiling with your pencil between the joists, representing the hole needed to fit the recessed cans. That done according to the recessed lighting layout you planned and placement calculations you made.

  • Once recessed lighting placement exact locations determined, you should find out if they can be installed in these particular locations and there was indeed enough clearance to fit the housing between the joists. This done by making a small central hole in the template outlined shape and using a wire to ensure it is not close to a joist. If there is enough space, then your location will work. You may have to adjust placement locations to avoid hitting a ceiling joist.

  • Then begin cutting into the drywall using a drywall saw. Be careful to cut only the drywall not the electrical wires above it, if exist and make sure the holes are cut right to hold the housings.

  • Connect the wire into the ceiling junction box or the nearest power source, then draw the wire from it to the cut hole, make sure the wire has excess inches to give you flexibility.

  • Now connect the fixture in the other side, ensure to follow the manufacturer's specifications, if you're not familiar with wiring techniques, an electrician can perform this task for you.

  • Now it is time to place the fixture, first Insert the junction box into the hole and slide the light housing into place make sure to fit the can into the opening. They have adjustable support racks so the width is adjustable Extend the bar hangers to the joists on either side of the fixture and use the hammer to attach the hangers to the joists.

  • After well locating of the housing you can install the trim, and finally your fixture, is now ready for a bulb. Make sure to choose the right bulb, according to the fixture manufacturer's specifications. Now you finished your installation of recessed lighting.
As you see installation of recessed lighting is not complicated and the wiring is the area that you may need a professional to help you with.

For insulated ceilings you should install an IC rated recessed unit to prevent the dangers of fire, since insulation may contain flammable material.

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