Choosing Recessed Lighting Trim and Cover

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We are going to talk about the types of recessed lighting trims and how to choose the right type. Recessed lighting gives you a clean, modern look feeling when you get a good recessed lighting layout, choosing the right fixture parts and a proper recessed lighting installation. Recessed lighting trim and cover is one of the most important recessed fixture parts, and are the most visible part.

Recessed Lighting Trim

There is a wide selection of recessed lighting trims and covers, that provide several options and also a lot of similarities, so when purchasing your trims make sure to choose them carefully to match your needs. Trims have main functional purposes, but they also serve a decorative role too, since they come in a variety of colors and styles.

The trim represent the visible parts of the recessed fixture and consists of trim itself, which sits on the surface of the ceiling, trim ring that represent the finishing piece that covers the rough cutout in the ceiling and the light reflector, which has the shape of a cone and represent the part that surrounds the bulb and its role is to focus the light of the bulb.

Recessed Lighting Trim types

Reflector Trims that have smooth reflector, that surrounds the bulb (lamp) to maximize light output. Suggested for kitchens and high ceiling for general and task lighting.

Baffles Trims are a popular recessed lighting trim, that have ribbed reflector to focus the light and minimize glare and brightness.

Wall wash trims can be used to wash a wall or fireplace. They have a directional opening that focuses the light toward the wall or the object to be illuminated.

Open trims are the most economical choice for recessed lighting and are considered the standard style of trim that you can choose.

Eyeball and Adjustable Trims can be used for general, task and accent applications. They have the ability to position the light to different angles.

Lensed Trims they are recommended for use in moisture and wet areas like showers. Their advantage is the ability to protect the lamb and the internal fixture parts from moisture. Can also be used to reduce reflections from polish surfaces.

Recessed Lighting Cover Shapes and Colors

Trims not only have differences based on their functions,  but they also there are aesthetic differences too. Recessed lighting trims aren't all in a round shape, there is also a variety of shapes like square trims you can go for them if you don’t like the round shape or for other decorative purpose. Also, you can find recessed lights with trim rings in different colors and decorative metals. There are several attractive choices always available that will make you satisfied with the recessed lighting cover you chosen.

Recessed lighting trims usually range from 3 inches to 12 inches in diameter. For smaller rooms it is preferred to use trims of 3 to 4 inches, larger diameter trims recommended for larger rooms and rooms with ceilings of 12 feet or higher.

As we always say, you should choose trim sizes and styles that work with the housings you chosen, since not all housing and trims are compatible.

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