LED Under Cabinet Lighting

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Maybe you want to be able to see exactly what you're doing when you applying kitchen activities in the proper areas for preparing, cleaning, cooking and dining. All these activities and more can be done comfortably when your countertops or stove are not in the shadows.Do you think about the best way for under cabinet lighting (under counter lighting)? Now it’s time to have the ideal and powerful LED under cabinet lighting which is the best choice that replace traditional lighting solutions which consume a lot of electricity and generate a lot of heat.


Under Cabinet Lighting Benefits

Under cabinet lighting not only used in kitchens, they are now being used in many places such as over your workbench or in your home office or shelving units for task lighting, accent lighting and also decorative lighting.

Shadows prevent you from being able to see what you're doing on your countertops or work areas, installing under cabinet lights reduce the chances of shadows interfering with the light source. They help you to do your activities comfortably by providing a shadow-free lighting for kitchens since, under Cabinet LED kitchen Lighting is focused on the countertop areas producing enough light, These lights eliminate the shadows from your Kitchen and areas where tasks should be done. Performing a good example of task lighting. and work spaces. That helps you do your tasks easy and safe; you can say it makes space fully functioning and performing at its best and also make your kitchen more attractive and style by having an exciting view with your accent lighting.

Installing under cabinet lighting makes good sense not only in new kitchens but when you remodel your kitchen or make a minor update. Last years under cabinet lighting became more popular and recommended for every kitchen so you can easily find multiple options available that work perfectly for your kitchen space.

Since there are many different light sources, halogen, xenon, fluorescent, and LED,The question now, what is the best under cabinet lighting source?.

Why LED Under Cabinet Lighting is Better?

Halogen and Xenon lights have been used for many years to light up your cabinet. They are bright and beautiful, but they have more disadvantages like:
  • Burnout faster (don't last very long)
  • Have a fixed color temperature.
  • Produce a lot of heat that affect the bottom of your cabinets and your working areas.
Fluorescent lights (CFLs) are popular for a while, but they don't show all colors accurately this may affect your work. And contain mercury, that represents a danger to your health. In the case of you want to dim your lights, fluorescent lights (CFLs) represent a poor choice because they require special dimmers.

LED lights solve the problems of traditional light sources, LED technology is the most energy efficient. LEDs are the most potential luminaries that have been invented until now. LED lights are the perfect choice for under cabinet lighting; they are the best light source regarding their low heat generation can be used for a long time without risk of overheating, which makes them a safer option, Durable, long lifespan, very compact, low profile, and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color temperatures, which give you more flexibility.

LED lights are rugged and compact; so, they resist vibrations, shocks, and impacts. Also, they need low maintenance, and are cost effective in the long run, through energy savings. LED under cabinet lights is the next step in low-profile lighting solutions, which save up to 90% of energy.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Types

There are two primary types of LED under cabinet lights according to the power source

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Direct Wire (Hardwire LED Under Cabinet Lighting)

Is the first type and is the most popular, they are available in both AC and DC power options. If you want to run the wires through your wall, go for AC voltage option units. If you plan to run the wires outside your kitchen wall, you can use plugin led lights or go to the second primary type which is discussed below.

Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Are cordless light with low voltage ‘typically 12 V’ battery driven linear strips that provide basic display lighting. They are very simple to install and get instant light.

Note: Direct wiring the cabinet lights will give you the advantage of longer lasting and more reliable lighting than using battery-driven lights.

LED under cabinet lighting according to the style and function

LED Puck Under Cabinet Lighting

LED puck lights are very popular for lighting many different types of areas because they are easy to install. They will give perfect accent light with varying intensities, so you need to install some of them to cover your area or you can choose fixtures that use multiple bulbs. The LED puck lights, which create non uniform light with varying intensities depend on how far from the light source you are. That increase the solutions you can use from according to your needs.

LED Tap Under Cabinet Lighting is also known as LED Strip Under Cabinet Lighting

LED strip under cabinet lighting is a thin, flexible light source providing a uniform glow of light. They are attractive, compact, energy efficient, perfect for lighting under cabinets and are available in a single light color or can be had in multiple color outputs so; You can use them to create a special mood and visual effects that improve your kitchen lighting layout function and style as they widely used as decorative lighting too.

Planning LED Under Cabinet Lighting Considerations

When you are designing LED under cabinet lighting, you have to meet certain criteria to ensure that, these lights add a real appeal to your area, that done if your system provides an adequate task lighting and add the right ambiance with keeping in a match with the overall lighting system.

Installing LED Under Cabinet Lighting

First, you need to determine where to place under cabinet lighting and which particular areas you will identify. When attempting to install under cabinet lighting, there are some basics you should learn. All the basics and other important tips will be discussed in a separate article soon.

Mounted LED under cabinet lighting will make you feel great about your kitchen appearance. Their beautiful bright light will create a great accent light that makes your kitchen more attractive and having a dramatic view. And always with the most energy efficient you will save you money in the long run and also save your time.
There’s also dimmable LED under cabinet lighting kits that coming with dimmer switches, that granted they are compatible with the LED lights.

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