Shallow Recessed Lighting

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Because of their benefits recessed lighting became more popular and highly recommended, they create a clean and modern look, they do not take up any space overhead, since their parts hide within the room ceiling, that make them perfect for low ceiling rooms and help for creating a more deluxe look. Beside that with recessed lighting you can get the most uniform light distribution through your area.

Shallow Recessed Lighting

Shallower ceilings are a problem faces homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of recessed lighting, the limited space available between the ceiling and the next structural layer avoid to mount a standard recessed light units, Recessed fixtures are built to fit in ceilings that use standard joist sizes. So you need to know how big of a recessed fixture housing suitable for your space, however shallow recessed lighting units are made to accommodate shallower ceiling depths.

Many reasons lead to Space Limitations in a room ceiling such as drop ceilings, difficultly to cut through the old ceiling's material or you have a cement layer or you have some other obstruction without sufficient clearance. Shallow recessed lighting also used with shallow soffits and cabinetry.

For all of these reasons, shallow recessed lighting is ideal choice for you where normal recessed lighting is not an option or you plan to save your time and money required for cutting through an old ceiling or doing a complex work and get a simple installation.

Usually low voltage shallow recessed lighting fixtures are smaller than line voltage ones, so depending on how much space you have, you can go either line voltage or low voltage.

Shallow Recessed Lighting Bulb

Shallow fixtures tend to be smaller, so choosing the bulb (lamp) should be done well, for many reasons, if you have a combination of standard and shallow recessed lighting cans, the bulb for the standard cans may not be suitable for the shallow cans, the problem with these bulbs is that they stick out from the shallow cans and they look weird compared to the other cans. You should choose the bulb so you can't tell if they're shallow cans or standard.

Also, because of the small size of the shallow recessed lighting housing the bulb tends to be closer to the fixture trim, that may be a reason to increase glare.

I recommend LED bulbs, because many LED bulbs are directional. So all the light goes in the forward direction, almost nothing  is wasted going back into the can and reduce glare.

Alternatively, you can use low profile flush mounted led ceiling lights are perfect for spaces providing smooth illumination. Some types of flush mount lights can fit into recessed can.

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