Low Profile Recessed Lighting

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The depth of the ceiling is a major factor to determine the type of recessed can you choose. Traditional recessed fixtures have a standard depth that should be available in  the ceiling space. But if there is limited space available in your ceiling void to mount a standard recessed light units, then Low Profile Recessed Lighting is the solution.

Low Profile Recessed Lighting Unit

Recessed lighting fixtures can provide you with one of the lowest profile lighting fixtures on the market. Especially with the new integrated LED recessed units have a much lower profile design, making them the ideal solution for these applications.

Shallow Recessed Lighting Fixtures

The main difference between shallow recessed lighting fixture and a standard one is the unit construction.

Where standard fixtures have all the components (electronic components, light socket and mounting bracket) in one housing. The shallow light cans have all of the electronic components in one smaller housing, which is separated from the can and connected to it by a wire.

Always in smaller cans the electronic components separated from the light socket and mounting bracket. This construction is suitable for limited spaces.

Shallow Recessed Lighting unit

Low Profile Recessed Lighting Diameter and Wattage

If you choose a Low Profile Recessed Lights you have to know that they may be limiting because you must accept a smaller trim diameter usually ranges between three and four inches.

Most low Profile recessed lighting fixtures require a minimum of five inches of clearance, and few that require a minimum of four inches of clearance. And a lower wattage bulb, usually between 50 and 75 watt range, which is lower compared to the 150 watt output of most units.  Yet the lower profile still allows you to relish all of the stylistic advantages of a flush mount unit.

Low Profile Recessed Lighting Glare

Due to the Low Profile fixture construction the light source (the lamp) is more visible. This increase the probability for more glare. So you have to understand that the location and lamp type and size should be carefully chosen to prevent this effect.

Low Profile Recessed Lighting Alternatives

If your clearance is less than 4-5 inches, you have to find it alternatives with similar style and function like Surface mount downlights which require no minimum recess depth as they mount directly onto the surface of a ceiling or Low profile tracks which provide many of the same benefits of low profile recessed lighting.

You can also check Shallow Recessed Lighting 

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