Living room Recessed lighting layout

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Families tend to spend a long time and do a lot of activities in the living room, for that a good lighting design should be considered to make a comfortable living room.

Living Room Recessed Lighting Layout

In modern living rooms, lighting plan with recessed lights are highly recommended, because of their ability to light the room from above and create a clean and modern look, their parts hide within the ceiling except for the trim, you can look for fixtures that have trim that matches your decor in both color and shape.

In fact, with a good recessed lighting layout, your living room will look more deluxe, and make you able to control the room lighting mode. By applying the concept of light layering to get an effective layout. Several types of recessed lighting fixtures are available with many features that provide more options that can improve your layout.

Living Room General Recessed Lighting Layout

  • The main source of lighting in the living room should give the entire area a good ambiance without focusing on any area in particular.

  • You should consider the other already exist lighting you might use.

  • Take into account the size of the room, however, you must evaluate your lighting needs to determine the required number of lights and then the best position for each recessed light.

Check the below links to get the calculation formulas

Recessed lighting spacing
Recessed Lighting Layout

Living Room Task Recessed Lighting Layout

Identify the activities that take place in the room, workspace areas where someone uses to do an activity like reading or playing, places such as a couch, chair, or desk should be considered.

Living Room Accent Recessed Lighting Layout

Accent lighting in a living room is used to bring attention to decorative features of the room, such as a fireplace, artwork, bookcase, or a picture.

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