Bedroom Recessed Lighting Layout

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Recessed lighting is a modern form of lighting, which became popular for lighting bedrooms. And has the ability to produce the light in specified places in the bedroom and help you to comfortably do your tasks and activities in the bedroom. They Can provide uniformly general light if you use a good recessed lighting layout

Bedroom Recessed Lighting Layout

They are perfect for low ceiling bedrooms. Bedrooms do not have high lighting requirements all the time, unlike kitchens. But when attempting to cleaning the room, arrange it, and getting dressed you should ensure enough amount of light can be provided.

You can use dimmer switches, so you can adjust the level of the lighting easily. Recessed cans can also be used to highlight pecific features of your bedroom such as artwork or a picture. Always attempt to make it simple a good recessed lighting layout for a bedroom which provide a few well-placed fixtures, layered with general and task lighting as the aspects of the room need, the job is well done.

Now, it is time to plan your recessed lighting layout and choose the suitable recessed cans, the below guidelines will show you how to do this:
  • First, you need to look at all aspects of the bedroom, if you have a big room you may divide it into sections to make your plan more effectively, narrow the activities that take place in the bedroom and how much light they need.

  • You should consider at least general lighting and task lighting to effectively light the bedroom.

  • General lighting for a bedroom aims to light the entire area; and offers a good and comfortable visibility level.

  • Task lighting for a bedroom aims to light a specific task area, such as a reading area and mirrors.

  • Measure your room or your sections of the room and decide which type of bulbs you will use and its output wattage, to determine how many light units you will need.

  • Determine the spacing between the units, and remember the location of ceiling joists affects the actual placement points in the new construction case. You can check the below links to know the calculation formulas and distance between the cans.

  • Check out the Recessed Lighting Spacing calculator

  • Check out the Recessed Lighting Placement Calculations examples

  • Avoid placing lights directed over the bed.

  • Choose the right housing for your ceiling and construction.

  • You can choose custom recessed lighting trims.

Bedroom recessed lighting layout ideas and tips

  • If you have one center ceiling fixture or a fan in a small or medium room. Which produce low light at the corners of the bedroom. You can add four recessed lights in the room near the corners and subtract the wattage of the centered fixture when making your calculations.

  • You can add a single small can light over each side near the head of the bed, which is good for reading, and preferred to be switched separately from the rest light sources.

  • You can highlight a picture or artwork, by placing a focused recessed light above it.

  • You also can light a wall totally or partially to get a fantastic view.

  • Custom wiring is always required by placing switches at the door as well as next to each side of a bed, so, you have control in every location in the room.

  • Fairly suggested to control the lighting layers with dimmer switches, so you can adjust the level of the lighting easily and enhance your recessed lighting layout.

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