Bathroom Recessed Lighting Layout

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Bathroom lighting layout is an important part of the home lighting layout. Recessed can lights can provide a good lighting function (create an adequate uniformly light) with a great style for the bathroom when you get a well-designed bathroom recessed lighting layout. They also offer a clean, modern look that blends with the ceiling and the bathroom aspects with little interference with your colors and decorations. That makes bathroom recessed lighting more popular today.

How to get a well-designed bathroom recessed lighting layout

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Layout

As we always mention to get a good recessed lighting layout you have to combine at least the two basic types of lighting (general and task lighting), they should work together to achieve the function of the layout. Accent and mood lighting help to highlight and decorate some aspects of the bathroom. It may be optional, but it gives the bathroom a stylish appearance. First, you have to study your bathroom to decide where you need to place lights.

Bathroom Ambient (general) Lighting

  • Aim to light the entire area offers a good and comfortable visibility level, Recessed fixtures are wonderful at providing this type of lighting instead of a severe and overly bright light.
  • When designing a layout for the ambient lighting in a bathroom, we want to take into account the areas where tasks will be done.
  • Always use a fairly regular recessed lighting layout pattern.
  • I like to use 2 Watt/square foot in calculating the number of lights for the general bathroom recessed lighting layout and use a dimming system to do the job.
  • This post will help you to know how many lights you need for your recessed lighting layout
  • Recessed Lighting Layout

Bathroom Task Lighting

  • Recessed light fixtures, unlike traditional light fixtures, are perfect to be installed above the shower and over tub because it does not take up any space overhead.
  • Task lighting aims to perform specific tasks such as applying makeup, shaving, showering.
  • Task lighting is critical in bathroom lighting, and should be planned well to be high enough to allow performing tasks comfortably and prevent glare, shadows.
    Shower Recessed LIghting
  • To light the bathroom mirror, Place recessed lights directly above the mirror or over the counter at vanity areas and make the fixtures' light overlaps with each other.
  • Use eyeball lights around the vanity to focus on your face and prevent shadows and glare.
  • Recessed can lights can also be installed around a tub to produce soft lights.
  • Another place to install a recessed light is above the shower, you can use one or two recessed can lights and make sure it is rated for the shower.

Bathroom accent lighting

As in other rooms, in the bathroom recessed lighting can be used to highlight a picture, artwork, or architectural details by placing a focused recessed light above it. This light layer aims to provide visual interest. This layer of lighting makes the recessed lighting layout more stylish.

Bathroom Recessed Lighting Layout Tips

  • Always use a separate switch for each group of lights or section to control them, so you can turn on only the lights you need.
  • Control the lighting layers with dimmer switches, so you can adjust the level of the lighting easily and enhance your recessed lighting layout by making it more flexible.
  • In very small area baths you can switch between general and task lighting dimmer switches.
  • Special moisture-resistant and waterproof recessed lighting fixtures are required to be used in the bathroom for safety because the area is exposed to high moisture and humidity. So, always remember that you should not use regular trims in the bathroom.

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